“In every area and in every way,
miracles are unfolding for me from doing this work ~
and as a result I am allowing my soul’s desires to manifest!”

Kerry Washington
Golden Globe and Emmy Award Best Actress nominee for Scandal

Experiencing Extraordinary is unique for each person


For one person, discovering how to be kind to themselves is as extraordinary for them as writing, directing, and shooting an award-winning film is for someone else.

We have helped actors Experience Extraordinary by creating their big break to star in movies and TV shows. Some clients Experience Extraordinary by finding true love, while others just by waking up feeling more hopeful than they ever have before.

Retreat participants

Retreat participants


"Jana and Miranda guided me on an adventure into my soul, where I cleansed my old habits and beliefs and emerged clearly knowing who I am and what I truly need.  I'm now living the life of my fullest potential."
Amy Jo Johnson
actor, producer, director
TV series leads: Covert Affairs, Flashpoint, Felicity

Extraordinary can mean breaking a sugar addiction, finishing a first novel, transforming from an exercise-dreader to a triathlete, or getting the courage to leave a hated job and launch a fulfilling career.

And for new parents, learning how to communicate lovingly with each other while getting zero sleep can truly be Extraordinary!

What is your Extraordinary? Are you living it now?

We have helped thousands of people discover what they truly want in their hearts and souls, release the limiting fears and beliefs that are keeping them stuck, and live fulfilling, rewarding lives.

And we can help you, too.

Our powerful personal-transformation processes quickly get to the source of the subconscious patterns that are holding you back, and help you rewire them so that YOU are running your life--not your fears and limiting beliefs.

Are you ready to create a life you passionately love?

“Working with Miranda and Jana is a chance
to build your own operating system for your soul.

I’m not stuck in old habits anymore, and I make decisions and choices in new ways.
The results are amazing and life-changing.”

Niko Bolas ~ record producer/engineer for
Neil Young, Billy Joel, and John Mayer

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