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“In every area and in every way, miracles are unfolding for me from doing this work—and as a result I am allowing my soul’s desires to manifest!”
Kerry Washington
Golden Globe and Emmy Award Best Actress nominee for Scandal
"Your work was the most powerful experience in my whole life.”
Minako Saito ~ motivational speaker and author
“My creativity has expanded ten-fold and I have the inner power and confidence to go after new dreams. It is the beginning of a whole new world of success for me to enjoy like never before.”
Paul Ben-Victor ~ actor
TV series leads: Vinyl, In Plain Sight, The Wire, NYPD Blue
“I’ve become the person I was supposed to be in the first place.”
Jan Billingsley ~ writer (Healthday.com, Family Circle, Golf Magazine), ghostwriter (Troy Dunn, Renée Daniels)
“Working with Miranda has profoundly changed my life and the way I view almost everything. She helps permanently shift patterns and creates immediate change and self-enhancements, so that you truly can move forward and not look back. This is what makes her work so unique and unlike anything I've ever experienced. She has helped instill confidence in me that I never even knew I had. I now feel worthy, accepted, and valued to make anything that I thought was impossible more than possible.”
Melissa Goodman ~ sales director
"My life is forever altered in the best ways possible. I can't begin to describe how amazing it is. Just do it!"
Karine Plantadit ~ dancer and actor
Tony Nominee for Best Featured Actress for Come Fly Away
Broadway: The Lion King, Movin' Out, After Midnight
"This has truly been transformational for my life and the relationships I care most about. After each session, I walk away with key learnings that I'm able to put into practice immediately. These tools allow me to get out of my own way and be the best version of myself. I can't recommend it enough."
Brielle Rajkovich ~ human resources consultant
“This work is transformative and miraculous—it creates immediate change. I have seen amazing growth in my acting, my career success, and my heart.”
Alysia Reiner ~ actor and producer: Orange Is The New Black, Equity

"Jana and Miranda guided me on an adventure into my soul, where I cleansed my old habits and beliefs and emerged clearly knowing who I am and what I truly need.  I'm now living the life of my fullest potential."
Amy Jo Johnson ~ actor, producer, director ~ TV series leads: Covert Affairs, Flashpoint, Felicity
“I feel like Jana and Miranda are some kind of miracle workers. I’ve finally experienced that watershed moment that I’ve waited for all these years, and now I am living in a truly transformed way.”
Catherine Johnston ~ Principal Economic Development Specialist, DAI
“I am forever changed. I have learned to harness my power and now have confidence in my gifts.”
- Victoria Leamer Hughes - registered nurse, Reiki Master

“Jana's work with us was simply extraordinary and transformative. He helped us release blocks and negative patterns in our marriage that we had held for years! His work in a single session is what would take anyone else at least 20 sessions in other relationship therapies!”
Alysia Reiner ~ actor and producer: Orange Is the New Black, Equity
David Alan Basche ~ actor: Elementary, The Exes, War of the Worlds
“I’d been told that Jana is ‘a genius as a couple’s coach.’ I can now attest it’s true. When we started, we were really stuck in complex, heightened stuff. Jana helped us to clear away the garbage of accumulated resentments and assumptions. He helped us re-connect with our deep, underlying love for one another. He’s given us excellent, practical communication tools that we regularly draw on when things feel tricky or triggering. It’s amazing."
Juliana Mitchell ~ Living Now Yoga
"My wife and I experienced amazing shifts in our relationship. Our differences unraveled, we discovered profound new levels of emotional connection and excitement, and we have a new set of tools and processes that help us gracefully handle any issues that come up in our lives."
Eric Wald ~ screenwriter
“Jana and Miranda's unique, loving, and mindful methods show immediate and amazing results. My husband and I learned how to consistently identify and alter fear-based reactions, handle them in the moment, and change them into choices of love and effective communication. Not a day goes by when I don't use skills they have taught me."
Kim Rhodes ~ actor: Colony, Supernatural, The Suite Live of Zach and Cody
“This work is a must for couples. In the past, I would have made it my partner's fault if I felt hurt or angry. I have learned how to take responsibility for my feelings and communicate them without blame. We are able to help support each other in not feeling hurt or angry, to work through challenges effortlessly, and connect on deeper and more gratifying levels. We are learning more about ourselves, discovering the past experiences that we have carried into this relationship, and releasing any negative beliefs in the process.”
Lynne Schwartz ~ Somatic Practitioner
"Our communication has vastly improved. I learned what my wife and I need in terms of communication and emotional check-ins. Those little check-ins are key; they diffuse disagreements and prevent issues from simmering and exploding later on."
Jeff Napior ~ aerospace engineer
“God, it’s so amazing. How do you encapsulate it?! Their work is LOVE and their work is POWER. It blew my and my partner’s minds and hearts wide open, allowing us to love and trust our vulnerabilities, and to know that accessing them is actually the key that ignites our highest potential."
Amanda Jane Napior ~ MDiv, Harvard Divinity School
“I’ve learned not to be afraid to give love and receive love—and by putting it out there I’ve received it back ten-fold.”
Sandra Prosper ~ owner of Sandra' s Soups and Sweets
"Miranda and Jana are remarkable individuals; as a couple they are truly extraordinary because they model what a conscious relationship can be. They are authentic, gentle and loving towards each other in a way that is inclusive of others and inspiring to whomever they come into contact with. When they teach together, their enjoyment of each other is infectious. Their presence as a couple is as illuminating as anything they have to say."
Mark Nash ~ psychotherapist
“For me, working with Jana is all about getting to the core truth of how my heart feels. I was scared to voice my feelings to my partner and scared of not being heard or understood. Jana taught us both how to listen and how to be heard. He is invaluable at getting the purest form of the truth out of the wreck of fear we clutter our lives with.”
Brandy Ledford ~ actor: NCIS:Los Angeles, Modern Family, Andromeda

"Without a doubt, this was the most powerful, life-changing retreat I’ve ever experienced. I came hoping for 100 and I got 1,000. My changes are core—something I’ve never felt before."
Chad Gautier, President, Construction Cost Consultants
"I want to shout from the mountaintops: EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS RETREAT! It is the best thing I've ever done. It has absolutely and positively changed my life in the most practical and profound ways possible. I am taking actions and risks that I would have never thought possible, and the results are showing up in all areas of my life! The retreat is nothing less than extraordinary; a gift in its highest, purest form."
Erica Roman Levy
"It was the most important week of my life! Unequivocally, absolutely, 100% go! It was life-altering."
Eric Wald ~ screenwriter
"Jana and Miranda Saunders are the most extraordinary teachers. They have absolutely changed my life in every way imaginable!"
Katharine van der Hoorn ~ M.A. Clinical Psychology, Columbia University
“Words are simply inadequate to convey how extraordinary the retreat is. With the exception of giving birth to my two daughters, it is the most important, life-altering and affirming experience I've ever had. It was a rebirth of me and who I really am—like a 're-booting' of my soul. I have never felt more alive, free, and full of love and joy. Run, don't walk, and go to this unforgettable retreat. You will have put yourself into the most capable and loving hands ever.”
Pattie Lee Pierce ~ interior designer
"My husband would never have typically done something like this—he was very concerned about personal growth work being hokey.  But on the fourth day of the retreat he turned to me and said, 'This is the best week of my life!' And I was thinking, 'Who are you?!'"
Abigail Wald ~ Founder of The YES Bar
"If you ever felt there had to be more to life than this, then you owe it to yourself to see that there is! Miranda and Jana open the door to the life you dream of, and all you have to do is walk through it. Every day of the retreat I thought to myself, ‘There's no way they can top what we did today, because I feel incredible,' and then the next day they’d blow me away again!

There are many self-help counselors out there but Miranda and Jana haven't fallen into the guru category. They are right in the emotional trenches with you, supporting you every second. They are real human beings with an enormous gift which they generously, openly and lovingly share with anyone who is fortunate enough to cross their path!"
Autumn Star Carlton ~ actor

Miranda is a world class teacher. She creates a safe energetic space filled with pure love that allows life-changing experiences to occur. I took a workshop with her over ten years ago, and I’m still profoundly changed. If something like this calls to you, do it. She is absolutely amazing.”
Victoria Leamer Hughes - registered nurse, Reiki Master
“Life-changing, divine, inspiring, magical…these words only begin to describe Miranda’s beautiful work. My intuition is greatly enhanced and I trust it more, and my consciousness has fully opened and stayed open. I feel that I’ve moved from being the student to the master in my life.”
Elizabeth Carlson ~ acupuncturist
“I needed help getting unblocked physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With Miranda’s intuition, wisdom, and guidance, I have been able to step into myself again, and it feels wonderful!"
Claudia McGrath, licensed clinical counselor
“Doing intuitive work with Miranda has been life-changing.  With her friendly, warm and wise guidance, her incredible intuitive skills, and encouraging and loving nature, she has given me so many tools to open to my own higher guidance and to be present to my higher wisdom. This has inspired me to listen to my heart and given me tools to check in with my body, mind and spirit to follow the path to get what I truly need and want in my life.”
Kat van der Hoorn ~ M.A. Clinical Psychology, Columbia University
“My work with Miranda has been transformational in all areas of my life. She is an intuitive and powerful guide who leads you to your truth.  Miranda has given me the tools I need to honor my heart, light and power as a woman.”
Alyssa Diaz ~ actor: Ray Donovan, Army Wives, Red Dawn