A tropical retreat in
Miami Beach
designed just for you!

"Retreats with Jana and Miranda are amazing, one-of-a-kind experiences. You walk away with a new outlook and a greater clarity on how to create the life of your dreams. I've transformed my career, my relationships, and even my health. I can't think of a more productive (and fun!) way to spend my time in such a beautiful setting."
Susan Drumm ~ Leadership Coach & CEO Advisor

After leading retreats around the world (in Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Japan), we are now offering design-your-own retreats at a gorgeous, easily accessible destination: Miami Beach.

Choose a personal retreat, a couples retreat, or a group retreat. Then let us know what you want to focus on, when you would love to go, and we'll make it happen!


Personal Retreat

Would you love a getaway just for you so you can deeply connect to your true self and return home feeling renewed and restored, ready to ignite your inspiring vision for your future?

Here are examples of personal retreats people have enjoyed:

  • Launch a new creative project (perhaps a one-person play, novel, movie, music CD), or free yourself up so you can complete the one you've been working on...or have shoved away in a desk drawer!
  • De-stress and learn how to calm and center your mind.
  • Get the courage, inspiration, and tools to transition to a more fulfilling career.
  • Become more spiritually and intuitively connected.
  • Make deep shifts within yourself, your career, and your relationships so your life fully expresses who you are in your heart and soul.

"How on earth can you thank someone for...well...everything?  The gifts you gave me in the retreat are unfathomable to me. Thanks to you, I discovered my heart's desire and found my purpose and vision, every relationship in my life has flourished, and I am so much more alive and free. Now I adore my life!"
Kat van der Hoorn ~ M.A. Clinical Psychology, Columbia University

Relationship Retreat

Are you and your partner ready to feel a deeper loving connection with each other while keeping your relationship passionately alive?

No matter how healthy or challenged, every couple can benefit from learning a new, effective, caring way to communicate so that each person feels that their emotions and choices are respected and valued.

Relationship Retreats include:

  • How to love the unique person you are with.
  • Practical ways to support each other when things get challenging.
  • How to manifest your individual goals while also taking care of each other.
  • How to create equality and support, rather than blame and power struggles.
  • Unlocking and resolving what's behind annoying or confrontational patterns so you can end them for good.
  • Easy and fun ways to revitalize your joy and passion.

Discover how your differences can actually bring you closer together!

“It’s so amazing. How do you encapsulate it?! Their work is LOVE and their work is POWER. It blew my and my partner’s minds and hearts wide open, allowing us to love and trust our vulnerabilities, and to know that accessing them is actually the key that ignites our highest potential."
Amanda Jane Napior ~ MDiv, Harvard Divinity School

Group Retreat

Is there a group of friends, coworkers, or family members with whom you would love to go on an adventure of personal growth and discovery?

Group retreats can be large or small, and focused on any subject.

Here are some fun suggestions:

  • A women’s spiritual retreat, where you learn to open and trust your intuitive, psychic, and healing abilities. Expand and build your intuition so you can make insightful choices that produce the results you want in your life, while feeling aligned with your true self on a deep level.

  • Are you producing a movie or play, and want the experience to be inspiring, collaborative, and fun, rather that devolving into arguments and power struggles? When you and key members of your team work with us, you can create aligned goals and action plans, learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, and discover how to effectively resolve disagreements so that you not only create a project you love, but love the process of creating it.

  • Would you and your girlfriends love to get better at dating, so you don't keep attracting the wrong partners, or sabotaging good relationships? Learn the essential tools for creating a healthy relationship, and clear away your old patterns that are holding you back.
  • Perhaps you and your family know how important it is to shift to a healthy lifestyle, but you just can't seem to make it happen. Jana has lectured and led workshops internationally on anti-aging, health, fitness, nutritional supplements, and nutrition, and he can help guide you to create healthy changes that are easy to integrate and feel great for your whole family.

But these are just a few ideas--what would you love to shift to the next level in your life?

"My husband would never have typically done something like this—he was very concerned about personal growth work being hokey. But on the fourth day of the retreat he turned to me and said, “This is the best week of my life!” And I was thinking, “Who are you?!”
Abigail Wald ~ Founder of The YES Bar


Here's how it works

You tell us what type of retreat you want:

  • How many people
  • How many days (from 1 day to a week)
  • What subject you want to focus on
  • When you want to hold it

And we help you design your ideal retreat.

Some people immerse themselves in an intense retreat experience for many hours a day for one day, several days in a row, or even a week.

Other people love working with us for only a few hours per day, so they have free time to relax, play, and explore beautiful Miami Beach.

Either way is great--it's whatever works best for you!

"I want to shout from the mountaintops: EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO A RETREAT WITH MIRANDA AND JANA! It is the best thing I've ever done. It has absolutely and positively changed my life in the most practical and profound ways possible. I am taking actions and risks that I would have never thought possible, and the results are showing up in all areas of my life! The retreat is nothing less than extraordinary; a gift in its highest, purest form."
Erica Roman Levy ~ writer

Miami Beach


Your retreat will be held at a beautiful, tranquil oceanfront location directly on a quiet part of the beach.

Personal and Couples Retreat participants have access to a beachside pool and Jacuzzi, and a private beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas.

When you are not in the retreat, there are so many fun things to do and explore:

  • Relax and swim along the 7-mile-long white beach.
  • Kayak or stand-up paddle board in Biscayne Bay (lessons are available).
  • Enjoy the tropical beauty as you bike, run, or stroll along lushly landscaped beach paths.
  • Tour the Art Deco and Wynwood Art districts, or explore world-class museums.
  • Nurture your body and spirit at one of the many deluxe spas.
  • Take a yoga class on the beach, or learn to fly at a trapeze school.
  • Shop-till-you-drop at designer boutiques, major chain stores, and small mom-and-pop shops.
  • Enjoy a daylong excursion to the Everglades or Bimini island, or a sunset cruise.
  • Dance the night away at South Beach’s world acclaimed nightclubs.
  • Savor the food at an endless array of delicious restaurants.

There are a wide variety of hotel and AirBnB rentals to choose from for your stay.

The retreat location is only 20 minutes from Miami International Airport, and 50 minutes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Are you ready for your own fabulous retreat in Miami Beach?

Call us at 1-310-663-1014 or send us an email.


Photos from other retreats: