A Valentine for Your Heart:
A quick, powerful visualization

We hope you enjoy our free heart-healing visualization!

Do you feel an emptiness inside yourself? If so, there may be a part of you that is looking for someone or something to fill you up and make you feel whole: a life partner, a child, parental approval, a best friend or thousands of social media friends, career success, prestige, material abundance....

So many people are looking for something "out there" that will make them feel happy, loved, special, and worthy, and yet when they reach their goal, the joy is only temporary. The emptiness is still there.

Have you ever experienced this? Why does it happen?

Because no one and nothing can fill an emotional hole inside of you. Only you can do that for yourself. The healing needs to come from within.


An important step in your path to inner wholeness is healing your relationship with your heart.

Fill in this blank with whatever pops into your head:

I am not ____________________ enough.

Perhaps what came up was "smart, attractive, successful, motivated, focused, desirable, talented, positive, or confident."

Now fill in this blank:

I am too _____________________.

Maybe what came up was "needy, irresponsible, controlling, loud, emotional, unhappy, old, disorganized, weak, anxious, spontaneous, or imperfect."

If you have these or other self-judgments, it is as if you are telling the most vulnerable part of yourself—your heart—that it is not good enough. 

Your thoughts, beliefs, and judgments can make your heart feel wrong, misunderstood, or that you are rejecting it.

This can be a big source of the hole of emptiness inside you.

And this is what our visualization is designed to help.

Please enjoy this quick visualization (it's just 3 minutes and 30 seconds long!):

Feel free to download the visualization, or to come back to this webpage and listen to it as often as you like.

The more you do the visualization, the more healing energy you will be sending to your heart. And your heart can never get too much of that!

And if you know anyone who might find this visualization helpful, it would be wonderful if you shared the love with them.

Happy Valentine's Day to your heart, every day!