Learn the secrets to greater intimacy
and empowering communication

Why does a new, loving, joyous relationship so often descend into dissatisfaction, hurt feelings, and disconnection? Is it possible to prevent this from happening, or fix damage that has already occurred?


When you were growing up, probably no one taught you how to have a healthy relationship. Most of us muddle through, recreating our parents’ patterns or doing the exact opposite. Perhaps we read self-help books, but we still don’t seem to be able to change the fundamental patterns that run us.

Every relationship is unique, because each person brings his or her own history, patterns, and beliefs, which can unintentionally cause hurt feelings and disconnections with their partner. When you discover and transform the key patterns that are negatively impacting your relationship, you can dramatically increase your joyful, loving connection with each other.

"My wife and I have experienced amazing shifts in our relationship. Our differences unraveled, we discovered profound new levels of emotional connection and excitement, and we have a new set of tools and processes that help us gracefully handle any issues that comes up in our lives."
Eric Wald ~ screenwriter

You and your partner will learn:

  • Advanced communication tools so both of you feel heard and understood.
  • Effective ways to quickly resolve arguments--and prevent them from even happening.
  • How to maintain healthy boundaries.
  • How to stop having "I'm right and you are wrong" power-struggles, and instead make decisions that feel good to both of you.
  • Easy ways to have your partnership become more loving, connected, and fun.

“Jana and Miranda's unique, loving, and mindful methods show immediate and amazing results. Not a day goes by when I don't use skills they have taught me."
Kim Rhodes ~ actor

Relationship coaching is available in private couples sessions via the phone, Skype, or in person.

We also offer relationship retreats for individual couples and groups.

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“This work is a must for couples."
Lynne Maclean
Somatic Practitioner

"Our communication has vastly improved."
Jeff Napior
aerospace engineer

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“This work is simply extraordinary and transformative.
We released blocks and negative patterns in our marriage that we had held for years! A single session is what would take at least 20 sessions in other relationship therapies.”

Alysia Reiner~ actor Orange Is the New Black
David Alan Basche ~ actor Elementary